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  Delphia Distribution Inc. is the importer, wholesaler and distributor of the finest food items for dollar stores, discount stores and supermarkets in North East America.
 Delphia Distribution Inc. has been in the food distribution business since 2004. By now, Delphia Distribution Inc. became one of the major food suppliers for discount stores in Tri-state region.
 delphiaDistribution Inc. carries a large selection of food products from over 10 countries which are, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Holland, etc. We represent many well-known national and international brands amongst which Purity Foods, Arcor, Anderson Bakery, Oxford, Vista Bakery, Port-Royal Honey, La Fiamma Pasta, Lindsay Gardens Tea, Domino Sugar, Inscafe, Temmy’s cereal, Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn, Forrelli, Ideal Oil, Spice Supreme, Dimes, Swtzeels’s Cookies, Bauducco, Champagne, etc..


Thank you for visiting our website. Please take some time to browse our online catalog and view our many exciting products. You can search by Product Code, UPC Code, or product description to find what you are looking for. When you are ready to place an order, please contact our sales department at or by telephone at (215) 744 3870.   If you have any questions, please check our list of frequently asked questions  (FAQs) or  (contacts)  directly.